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Have you switched?

Hundreds of women have contacted RedRover to let us know they’ve made the commitment to avoid Premarin or other horse urine-based drugs.

One woman in Los Gatos, California not only asked her doctor to switch to a plant-based product but insisted her doctor post one of RedRover's magazine articles on his bulletin board.

I've Switched campaign Another let us know that she got the okay to switch from Premarin to a cruelty-free hormone therapy drug, but her insurance company would not fund the prescription. Did this stop her? No. She wrote her insurance company and they backed down. Now her hormone therapy is cheaper and more humane.

If you've switched from Premarin, or vowed not to take it, let us know and we will add your comment to our I've Switched gallery, below.

Submit your “I’ve switched” information by email and please include your first name and hometown.


"After reading and seeing the  video about what the horses go thru I decided to “switch”; not only for my own health but for those of the mares. That’s a terrible ordeal to go thru and I wish all doctors would realize the other alternatives out there and use them. I talked to my Doctor and I now use Estrace cream."
- Robin in Wisconsin

"I have rescued two PMU colts from Canada. People don't know this is going on. Most women don't know what is happening. If they did, they would not use this drug. When I tell folks about my horses (now age four) they are shocked...I got both at six months, they were on their way to the killers."
- Roseanna

"I would NEVER take Premarin and I do everything within my power to educate all women about this drug … I think it is best to just let nature take it's course."
- Mary Alice in the United Kingdom

"When I found out where Premarin came from, I immediately knew it wasn't for me!!"
- Debbie in Indiana

"I switched when I found out exactly what Premarin stood for and I have spread the word to everyone I know. Why would anyone contribute to this legacy of cruelty?"
- Tomi in Colorado

"When I had a complete hysterectomy in 2001, I told my doctor I would not take any hormones containing horse urine. I learned about the horses from your publications. Thank you!!!!"
- Paula in Oklahoma

"One more person has switched - me! I sent your article to my doctor."
- Bonnie in Oregon

"I requested a substitute from my doctor. He said I was the first patient who had requested something different. All this cruelty is being done to horses because women are uninformed."
 - Sharon in Indiana

"Here’s hoping the word gets out to the millions that have been on Premarin and have no way of knowing how it is produced. Let’s get the word out, ladies, and stop the cruelty."
- Marian in Ohio

"As soon as I learned about Premarin, I switched to Estradiol."
 - Joan in California

"I never even knew these sorts of practices existed until I accidently stumbled across a website exposing the terrible truths about Premarin. I am absolutely appalled that we can continue to treat animals in this way in this day and age. My biggest concern is that women all over the world don’t even know what they’re taking and where it comes from. I’d like to see this campaign ramped up in Australia and have this and other horse-urine drugs banned."
- Jordyn in Perth, Australia