RedRover volunteers are traveling now to care for more than 350 dogs and puppies rescued from a puppy mill in Cherokee County, Georgia. Read more

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Humane lifestyle choices

You can make choices in your daily life that can help animals. Whether it's reducing your consumption of meat and dairy products, forgoing products made with leather or fur, or attending circuses that don’t use animals, we can make a positive contribution to our world and all the animals in it through the choices we make!


Decoding Food Labels
How to find the most humanely produced meat, eggs and dairy products.

Common Food Labeling Terms Defined

Terms like "cage free" and "free range" sound nice, but what do they really mean?


A Better Choice for the Environment  [PDF, 282 kb]

A Better Choice for Your Health  [PDF, 297 kb]

A Better Choice for the Animals  [PDF, 353 kb]


Humane Family Fun
Discover animal-friendly alternatives to zoos and circuses.

Humane Habits and Hobbies
An A to Z guide to making daily choices that benefit animals and the environment.

Suggested Reading List
Animal-friendly page turners for young readers.

Watch Your Mouth: Animals in Our Language
We use animal-related phrases every day, but what are we really saying about animals?