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Premarin Awareness Campaign

While millions of women take hormone replacement therapy drugs to alleviate symptoms of menopause, many do not realize that the most popular drugs, like Premarin, are made from pregnant mares’ urine (PMU). For more than a decade, RedRover has worked to educate women about the truth behind these drugs, the health risks they pose to women, and the availability of humane alternatives.

About Premarin

This popular hormone drug is manufactured at the expense of thousands of mares and foals.

"I've Switched" Campaign  

Pledge to avoid Premarin or switch to a more humane alternative and we'll post your comment online

Financial assistance

View RedRover's comprehensive list of resources and referrals for food, veterinary care, farrier services and euthanasia assistance.

Educational Video

Find out the bitter truth about Premarin and other drugs made from pregnant mares' urine, and learn how you can help the horses.

Homes for Horses Coalition

Learn about this and other horse-related issues through this Coalition of equine protection organizations.