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RedRover Board Selection Criteria

All applications for the RedRover Board of Directors will be reviewed and scored based on these criteria. Candidates reaching the threshold score as determined by the RedRover Board Development Committee will be invited for an interview with a Committee member.


RedRover serves the "full circle" of animal welfare: building empathy for animals, protecting animals in everyday life, supporting animals needing emergent care and removing animals from harm's way.

  • The candidate is currently (or has been) a “human friend”  to companion animals or other animals.
  • The candidate displays a demonstrable personal sense of responsibility for protecting animals and serving the cause of animal protection.
  • The candidate has direct  experience or  involvement in animal welfare/animal protection efforts, including participation in animal rescue operations at the local, regional, national and/or international level.
  • The candidate has training in veterinary medicine  and/or experience in working in a veterinary clinic or hospital.


RedRover is not a traditional non-profit organization. We are social entrepreneurs seeking opportunities to create responsible new forms of value for our stakeholders.

  • The candidate displays a demonstrable understanding of the importance of high-level strategic thinking, including necessity of continuous innovation.
  • The candidate displays a demonstrable understanding of the importance of business model stewardship and innovation in the face of competition.
  • The candidate brings a demonstrable personal commitment to shifting from a traditional nonprofit mindset to a social enterprise mindset.
  • The candidate has direct experience working as an entrepreneur/social entrepreneur.


RedRover's cause inspires a network of passionate people who love their companion animals and who want to collaborate to help all animals have wonderful lives.

  • The candidate brings an extensive  and diverse network of personal and professional relationships.
  • The candidate displays a demonstrable understanding of the value and importance collaboration and co-creation.
  • The candidate displays a demonstrable understanding of the strategic and operational impact of mobile and social platforms on society, on business and organizations.
  • The candidate has direct personal and/or professional experience with using mobile and social technologies to engage customers and/or stakeholders.


RedRover is investing in emerging technologies to build its capabilities for attracting and engaging stakeholders, growing financial resources and reducing costs.

  • The candidate displays a demonstrable understanding financial management and understands the fiduciary responsibilities of board service.
  • The candidate  displays a demonstrable understanding of the importance of using digital technologies to grow financial resources and reduce costs.
  • The candidate has direct professional experience in financial management, fundraising, the law and/or other fields that may be valuable to RedRover.
  • The candidate has previously served on the board directors of a corporation, non-profit organization or social enterprise.


If you have questions about these criteria or about the RedRover Board selection process, please review the  the Frequently Asked Questions page, or send an email to Nicole Forsyth, RedRover’s President and Chief Executive Officer, at

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