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RedRover Readers: What Teachers Are Saying

" What a powerful and relevant program! This is a perfect example of what effective teacher trainings and professional development should be. Every educator and professional who works with children should be required to take this course!" 

- Susan Courtney, teacher, Los Angeles, California

“My students seem to have a better understanding of pets as living feeling creatures. Before, [my] students seemed to think of pets more as objects or possessions.”

- Terry Mertz, third grade teacher, TaylorStreetElementary School,Sacramento, California

"[My students] were more willing to share about their own experiences with animals and better able to express emotions." - Anonymous

"I took the RedRover Readers training with Karly Noel through HSU in Februrary, 2013. Karly is clearly dedicated to her craft and facilitated a very informative training. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but left the training feeling energized and inspired to learn and do more. I have my first humane education reading at an upcoming Pet Expo, and I'm as excited as a kid going to Disneyland! I was so impressed with Karly and RedRover that I asked Karly to come and speak to a restorative justice class at CSUEB, focusing on empathy. She was a dynamic speaker and the students responded well to her presentation. I highly recommend her for class talks! I’m so glad there is an organization like RedRover that provide many valuable services to the community. Thank you to all the RedRover volunteers!"

- Dawna Komorosky Professor at CSUEB

"I saw my children not only think more about their relationships with animals, but how relationships with their friends can be improved through communication as well."

- Priscilla Sinon, Teacher, Arcola Elementary School, Silver Springs, Maryland 

“My students loved it. They enjoyed hearing stories about animals and drawing pictures that related to the stories. My students were imaginative and truly enjoyed discussing the stories.”

“My students were able to understand that animals also need to be treated with care and that pets are a valuable asset to someone's life. They are companions.”

- Laura Villegas, third grade teacher, EdwardKembleElementary School,Sacramento, California

“The Principal…invited the program to my classroom due to the success of it last year.”

“My students spoke about being kind to pets and animals.”

- Koy Saechao, third grade teacher, Bowling GreenElementary School,Sacramento, California

“My students were totally engaged during the program. They were excited for each of the lessons, enjoyed the stories.”

- Natalie Nelson, kindergarten teacher, Arcola  Elementary School,Silver Springs, Maryland  

“A-plus. I, as a teacher, learned a lot.”

- Elizabeth Lindemann, fourth grade teacher, ClaytonB.WireElementary School,Sacramento, California

“I think this program is amazing and I would definitely have it again or recommend it to others.”

- Heidi Hefner-Tripp, fourth grade teacher, ArbuckleElementary School,Arbuckle, California

Third grade teacher Terry Mertz works with a student during a RedRover Readers volunteer visit.

“Thank you so much for another wonderful presentation to my class!” 

- Heather Bracken, third grade teacher, HazelStrauchElementary School,Sacramento, California

“I read to my own fourth grade class and they really enjoyed it and totally got the book's message - THEY impressed ME!”

- Vanessa Kalinowski, fourth grade teacher, Elk Grove Florin Elementary School, Sacramento, California

“Teachers are not always provided with materials to teach character or humane education in their classrooms (which is why this course is essential).”

- Karen Patterson, Michigan, Humane Educator and former teacher about RedRover's online training course

Are you a teacher? Learn more about the RedRover Readers >>

Interested in a professional development training to learn how to implement the RedRover Readers curriculum in your classroom? We have live and online teacher trainings available. Here is what teachers are saying about the teacher training workshops:

“It is a really great workshop, very motivating. I was so impressed with the techniques and inspired that I wanted to take it again this year.” - Paula Fallis, Teacher.
 “I will be able to use these question techniques in other areas of our curriculum.” - Margaret Vansoest, Teacher