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Resource Library

RedRover's resource library educates the public and raises awareness about how people can improve animal lives.

Puppy mills and hoarding

Why pet owners should opt to adopt, and information about animal hoarding.

A Web site that can help people prevent dogs from dying in hot cars during the summer months.


Learn about hormone drugs made from pregnant mares' urine (PMU) and how to adopt the mares and foals cast off from this industry who might otherwise be at risk for slaughter.

Disaster Preparedness

Planning ahead is the key to keeping yourself and your pets safe if disaster strikes.

Domestic violence and pets

Find out why providing shelter to domestic violence victims with their pets is so important, and what RedRover is doing to help.

Pet care and guidelines

Tips you can use to keep your pets safe and happy.

Humane lifestyle

How people can make simple choices in their everyday lives that lead to positive change for animals.