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Watch Your Mouth! Animals Sneak Into Language

As an animal lover, the subject of animals probably comes up in your conversations all the time. Sometimes, animals work their way into your language in more subtle ways.;

As part of RedRover's A Better Choice Campaign, we encourage our members to be aware of how animals are used in language. How many animal phrases do you say?

Some phrases and sayings are benign and descriptive, some are questionable, and some are definitely not animal-friendly! your mouth! Check out our ever-growing list of animals in language below. And let us know what we're missing so we can add to our list!

 Page  Species Category


 Alligators, Assorted Species, Bats, Bears, Beavers, Birds


 Buffalo, Bulls, Bunnies, Cats, Chickens, Cows


 Crocodilians, Deer, Dogs, Donkeys, Dragons


 Ducks, Elephants, Fish, Foxes, Frogs


 Goats, Gophers, Gorillas, Hares, Hippos, Horses


 Hyenas, Insects and Spiders, Invertebrates, Leopards


 Lions, Lizards, Mice, Monkeys, Mules, Other Marine


 Pigs, Possums, Primates, Rabbits, Raccoons, Rats, Rhinoceros


 Sheep, Skunks, Sloths, Snakes, Squirrels


 Tigers, Turtles, Weasels, Whales, Wolves, Zebras