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About RedRover Readers

The RedRover Readers program helps children explore positive relationships between people and animals through stories and discussion. Educators trained in the innovative RedRover Readers curriculum read to students and lead discussions – helping children develop critical thinking skills and increase their level of empathy for people and animals.

Through RedRover Readers, children share information about animals, reflect on the roles of animals in their communities and determine our responsibilities toward them.

The RedRover Readers program aligns with academic content standards in the United States and Canada.

How the program works
After attending a RedRover Readers training, educators use the RedRover Readers curriculum to facilitate storytelling and discussion in their classrooms. Students listen to and interact with five pre-selected books in five, 45-minute lessons that are typically spread out over a span of five weeks. Students participate in group discussions and do engaging activities to reinforce concepts such as trust, respect, friendship and decision-making and practice skills such as perspective-taking. 

Take the training

Teachers, stay informed about the RedRover Readers program

Not ready to take the RedRover Readers training? Request a visit from a trained RedRover Readers volunteer to come to your classroom or take a look at the RedRover Readers book list.

Learn about RedRover's new e-book app called, The Restricted Adventures of Raja

To help children develop empathy and critical thinking skills, educators trained in the RedRover Readers curriculum read a story aloud, discuss it, then oversee an art or writing project that emphasizes the concepts gleaned from the book.

Research findings on RedRover Readers

The RedRover Readers program promotes empathy by presenting powerful stories, encouraging children to put themselves in the place of animals, and asking questions that promote critical thinking. A 2009 pilot study of the program (then known as the Humane Education Ambassador Readers) conducted by Inverness Research, Inc. suggests that the program:

  • Builds self-esteem and motivates students to take an important subject seriously
  • Stimulates additional student-directed learning
  • Builds students’ knowledge and potentially affects their behaviors related to caring for pets
  • Builds students’ empathy and compassion for pets

Read the full research findings (PDF)

Read what teachers say about RedRover Readers

Bring the RedRover Readers program to your community

One teacher said that the RedRover Readers program "reinforced and deepened [students'] understanding of what it means to be responsible for other living beings."

Community members interested in bringing the RedRover Readers program to local children can use these tools:

  • Give the informational flier about the RedRover Readers program to teachers, principals, counselors or other educators
  • Make a donation to support RedRover  Readers
  • RedRover's On-Call Angels program is working with RedRover Readers to give students a chance to donate and save animals' lives. One classroom raised money by selling lollipops and donated the money to RedRover! RedRover visited their classroom. The students listened to a book from our RedRover Readers program and then created get well soon cards for a dog named Toby who the students helped with their donations. Would you like your classroom to be an On-Call Angels Classroom? Contact Erin Bialecki at

Additional resources

Read the RedRover Readers FAQ